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Jeremy Rottgen

Technical Writer Sanford, FL. Welcome to my online portfolio. This Web site features a collection of previous projects from my career in publishing. Here you can find writing samples, design samples and see my web development abilities. Other work I have done can be found through the links on the writing samples page. If you would like more examples of my work, or have questions, contact me. To see my old site which houses most of my old clippings, click here.


Years of experience in Technical Writing

with a background in editing and publishing

These are the wonderful institutions that I've attended:


Web Development Certificate
Seminole State University


B.S. Journalism
University of Florida

Class of 1998

Pewaukee High School

I have had the privilege to work with these cool companies.

2011 - Present


  1. Create, edit and/or review content in adherence to standards, including those for software, Web, and documentation, with the ability to navigate multiple file formats, including Web sites, compiled Help, formatted technical and marketing documentation, and training.
  2. Participate in the Product Development process as a member of the project team to develop an understanding of the requirements for the product.
  3. Collect, clarify, and translate technical information in order to create documentation.
  4. Accurately document software content and functionality, providing users with the information required to use the product.
  5. Produce accurate documentation that conforms to the style, format, process, and structure guidelines.
  6. Participate in peer reviews or edits.
  7. Develop an understanding, through research, of the latest tools, technologies, procedures, and standards as required by the Technical Communications department.
  8. Organize and maintain various documentation assets.
  9. Assist team members and other groups within organization on projects.
  10. Build and maintain working relationships with project team members and co-workers to successfully complete projects and assigned tasks.



  1. Perform intelligence-related research.
  2. Maintain a library of Vehicle Description Documents for 3D artists to use as reference.
  3. Edit, standardize and make changes to material. Review and recommend revisions in scope, format and content.
  4. In-depth research of 3D modeling including Subject Matter Expert (SME) reviews and access to Army Knowledge Online.
  5. Photographic research and image editing with Adobe Photoshop. Maintain source data collection catalog.
  6. Review Technical Manuals and research vehicle variants to recommend the most accurate model to develop.



  1. Create TM 1-4920-443-24-2 Field and Sustainment Maintenance Manual for aviation testing equipment.
  2. Edit and make changes to more than 2,000 pages of manual with ISO 9001:2008 standards compliance.
  3. Adhere to Military Standard (MIL-STD) 40051-1 and -2, Military Handbook (MIL-HDBK) 1222C.
  4. Research equipment and study engineering drawings to delineate maintenance procedures.
  5. Travel to site, take photos and interview SMEs or technicians on the job site to become familiar with equipment.

Microsoft Windows OS, Mac OS, Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) Microsoft SharePoint, CRM, Team Foundation Server, Adobe Acrobat Professional, RoboHelp, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver, Quark Xpress, PHPMyAdmin, HTML-Kit, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, SSI, PHP, MySQL.